The Ripple Below My Nipple

2016 has been a challenging year.  To make a long story short, my dad passed away suddenly at home on April 8.  We had been planning a family cruise for June 11th… it had been 12 years since we last went on a vacation together.  We decided to still go on the cruise; dad would have been pissed if we didn’t!  A few days before the trip, while trying on dresses at a store, I noticed a slight change in my left breast.  I chalked it up to scar tissue from a prior breast surgery and let that be that…  After we got home from the cruise, I decided to do a self exam.

Sunday June 19th:  Self exam findings… Found a painless, hard, and mostly immobile area at 6 o’clock.  Then found a spot at 3 o’clock, pea sized and same- painless, hard and not movable.  I remember getting a bad feeling in my gut about it.  But still wasn’t about to panic.  I told myself, its likely scar tissue, but I’m going to call first thing tomorrow to get it checked out.

Monday June 20th:  First, I decided to call the specialist right off the bat- they kindly redirected me to call my PCP.  So I call the PCP…. they couldn’t see me until the middle of July?!?  WTH.  Luckily, I called my OB-GYN who could see me later that day.  Work kept me distracted.  I bumped into an oncologist while rounding at the hospital & explained to her the situation.  She smiled and reassured me that it was likely nothing… it would be rare to have 2 cancerous lumps.  She gave me her card, just in case LOL.  So after work, I went to OB-GYN who I had just seen the month prior for my regular exam and NOTHING was felt then (by both of us).  I explained to her what was going on.  She did another breast exam and could feel both spots.  And that bought me a mammogram and ultrasound…